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moved. from. the business of the play is called to arrows it's about a tribe that lives somewhere separately. in a jungle. a national shrine or school and just like us they love and
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struggle for power is a life. the this is a graduation play put on by fourth year students at the state special institute of arts. students all of the students are either hearing impaired or completely deaf.
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to the sponsors and it's a special institute of arts where hearing impaired people study and get a higher education. but unfortunately quite often the students can't find a job after graduating class that are good. enough if this is why our institute rector gave us an opportunity to start with theatre where our graduates can perform. just drug lords but let's do a run through gently from start to finish let's check everything repeated smoothly and with gusto for the home he's asked repeated and again the final one right.
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the world. thanks. yeah. maybe more of a yes the that show up the hack a. but unless they.
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give the still clueless when it comes to a script it is really difficult to interpret it to sign language particularly with the classics of stupid across the not only to interpret it but also to make the play understandable to hard of hearing audience. so how does it usually start with the first you take a story then all the actors the directors start to interpret it into sign language . and the new york you. know your voice i'm a lot. people through quickly after we finish the play we have to prepare for voicing so we called the speakers who have to memorize it. at the speakers are professional actors who work in moscow theater this is what he's. all. yeah you just more. or less used to have to go to the actors who perform using sign
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language have to at least see each other if i'm talking to you i can't do that if i turn my back on e.s.p.n. or you stop a goal you can do that in an ordinary see it or november. yeah. we don't have this kind of luxury here. assigning itself has a magic. to foreman's becomes beautiful making it absolutely unique. just pushing the material when choosing a play with think about the way it's going to be presented in sign language let's take hi john the straight in as an example i'm sure there is some connection between the east and our movements it's very important there you know. i was looking for some eastern fairy tale and thought about this play yes. yeah. this is good shit.
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he's do i get up yes.
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many. many.
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years counting while singing and dancing. this is broken down to eight notes sixteenth notes and so on and in time they start to do it on their own. they just need to have signal they have a really good sense of timing and rhythm just the most so with a signal they can do a. well what if we just have to set the pace there are quite a lot of completely deaf people out there on stage. there are literally no money. to go. who don't need. to do. it.
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there. are two cars x. we call them cars x. because they're from. hearing impaired community calls them the twins if you mention the twins everyone knows who you're talking about but they're absolutely different. because it's a dashing cousin. and alex a very quiet and modest. canny buz if they're more into dancing to music and into the rhythm of the committees you know.
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move. forward. to see. through.
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the. play. technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia. the future
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covered. is it possible to navigate the economy with all the details such as dixon information and media hype you up to date by decoding the mainstream status if in your ranks. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok. i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture.
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ok next let's hear it from the guys they're making progress nothing's holding them back a round of applause. closer
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look who is here with been waiting for you for ages or are you one has been looking for you everywhere i'm ready thank you go ahead. why you put it here do they really talk about the chest of course they mean the hearts. than your typical dues this is a lesson in the art of expression for fourth year students wanted well working with a shakespearean sonnet they chose it and so we now have to tackle it. to the problem is that shakespeare's language is english the poet marche aka translated into russian and we're trying to do it in sign language which is much more difficult. looking so now we deconstruct it and try to figure out a way in which it can decide. the.
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this is. that if. that's the way i would do it. the quizzes coated with it we're looking for a sign that will best convey the meaning of the word or expression sometimes even a big chunk of text. quite often one sign will be enough to communicate an entire sentence. with losing. me. out what i do not know are fired here bar. i think they got.
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the is more this place is an opportunity to experiments to act the part of the queen or savage things that deaf people rarely get to do what do they do work at the plant then go home have something to eat and go to sleep. and they need this it's a kind of refinement of things they don't house wow. so it's not fun for
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them anymore to interact only with death people be kind of spoiled down to this education making them feel strong smart and grown up the things that they used to have at the plant that kind of environment doesn't attract them anymore when the. artists from a feeder and middle slow. the both of. those pups but.
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if i were to do this to me but for now on the made up of. your typical. i miss you.
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when i introduced the guys i say they are special because they can hear us with their eyes and saying with their hands personally i think it's a crying shame that such artists aren't used on stage because they are in their element here. the camera action. my face is not. very good.
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no but you know i bet you that if so you have to tranq for shift and then you return to your position. can we eat this. it's not poisoned when i was a young actor what they used to kerosene all over the food. asked because they wanted to cut costs. action. might. yet be an interesting turn back to us turn back to us. to hook up.
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with. oh oh. oh. oh oh oh. oh. oh. oh oh oh.
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oh. oh the basic idea of this plane is the lust for power the want to get it someone kills his brother so if you kill your own brother you also have to die but everything goes wrong as a result. just nothing else just people like to play the things that are clear to them feel this play is quite simple they can add some inner psychological aspect something personal and case they need to think yeah i. want to be.
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the key. moments in my little book and if we try to take the main idea and embody it into the silent part of the playing they like it because it doesn't how many words will . put a deaf person drowns under words. unlike. just they all need a couple of signs understand each other in the woods and we talk a lot and say some unnecessary words and that's why all tourists like those they ask your global stars i'm crazy there are too many words there. deaf people seldom explain their love there are very private people and when you have a situation of open emotions in so many words my dear i love you it gives them goosebumps because they have
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a different psychophysiology. than i do the students that i hope to display will enter our repertoire i really do. i don't know their plans after graduation all i know is that some of them are going to leave but there are some actors that are really into it so i hope that they will stay.
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tell our bit of washington d.c. here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture in the wake of the largest recorded protests. image history it looks like it could be revolution redux in egypt so what's next for the most populous country in the arab world more on that in tonight's special monday edition of the big picture politics panel in just a moment also although the media likes to portray themselves as serial killers and outcasts sophia sociopaths are a lot more common than you might think so common you might sit next to one on your ride home from work or the men and women who hide in plain sight really as dangerous as hollywood makes them look and it's time the fossil fuel industry paid us all back for.

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